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News story

News story

17 January 2014

Record year for Transport Exchange Group as haulage and logistics sector drives growth

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Haulage Exchange is one of the 
brands of Transport Exchange 
Group, which experienced a record 
year in 2013
Haulage Exchange is one of the brands of Transport Exchange Group, which experienced a record year in 2013

Significant growth within the road haulage and logistics sector has helped to achieve a record year for Transport Exchange Group, the leading operator of the UK’s largest independent freight exchanges. The company’s exchanges handled more than 462,000 transactions during 2013, representing a 20 per cent overall annual increase, with particular growth coming from a rise in the number of road transport operators, freight forwarders and owner operators using its Haulage Exchange solution.

With the road haulage and logistics sector facing increased challenges and price pressures such as empty running, rising fuel costs and driver shortages, many operators are looking for effective ways of reducing overheads, boosting efficiency and gaining competitive advantage. As a result, Transport Exchange Group’s platform now boasts more than 5,000 active users, a 12 per cent increase on the previous 12 months, that are running more than 15,000 vehicles and responsible for handling 40,000 nationwide loads via the freight exchanges each month.

This rapid growth has been supported by the launch of Transport Exchange Group’s second-generation platform that was introduced across both Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange during 2013. This has provided users with added functionality, simplicity and visibility, as well as supporting integration with other third-party tools such as telematics and transport management systems to streamline supply chain processes.

Lyall Cresswell, Managing Director of Transport Exchange Group commented: “Our freight exchanges are now the busiest and fastest growing in the marketplace based on our proven track record of tackling some of the most common and difficult challenges facing the road transport industry. Our expanded proposition means we are well-placed for further success during 2014 as we become partner of choice for an increasing number of haulage companies, couriers, freight forwarders and owner operators.”



About Transport Exchange Group

Established in 2000, the Transport Exchange Group operates two of the UK’s largest, busiest and fastest-growing independent freight exchanges – Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange – making it the leading provider of managed freight trading services for the road transport industry. With over 4,500 active users running some 25,000 vehicles and trading some 500,000 movements in both the UK and Europe-wide, Transport Exchange Group has a successful and proven track record of helping businesses to tackle some of the most common and difficult challenges facing hauliers, freight forwarders and couriers.