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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This website does not gather or track any personal information about you, and does not serve marketing information from third parties. If you send us your email address in order that we can contact each other we will keep your address on file, but we won’t add it to any global mailing list or pass it to anyone else.


Cookies are tiny text files that many web sites automatically place on users’ computers to manage interaction with the site. What they can contain is strictly controlled by web technology and the law.

This website uses cookies for two purposes, neither of which involves capturing personal information that would identify you.

1. Analytics

This website may employ Google Analytics to evaluate site performance and visitor behaviour. No personal information is collected in this process.

2. Functional cookies

Functional or “session” cookies are considered essential cookies under the Electronic Communications Regulations and for the purposes of GDPR. Such cookies are not monitored or analysed, and are there purely to make your visit to the site more seamless. You can override them by updating the settings of your web browser, but if you do, most websites will not work properly or at all. 

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