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News story

News story

13 January 2015

Applied Driving Techniques sees record growth as fleet sector targets legal compliance, driver safety and Duty of Care

ADT has experienced record 
demand for fleet compliance and risk 
ADT has experienced record demand for fleet compliance and risk management

Growing awareness and demand for fleet compliance and risk management has seen a surge of businesses teaming up with Applied Driving Techniques (ADT). As a result, 2014 saw a 30 per cent rise in the number of drivers being monitored and managed by ADT as companies strived to achieve higher levels of road safety, Duty of Care and operational performance.

ADT significantly increased the number of driver workshops to 100 up from 30 the previous years, while total training days grew annually by more than 25 per cent. Meanwhile, the company also rolled out a new e-learning package, expanded its international capabilities and developed an enhanced reporting and monitoring package to better meet the need of car, van and HGV fleet operators.

In particular, the company introduced Riskmapp, a web-based portal that supports an integrated approach to managing risk and ensuring legal compliance. It enables ADT’s customers to access essential fleet data, analysis and documentation, with full online visibility and control of risk audits and assessments, grey fleet management and licence and document monitoring. The platform also includes an advanced reporting application where users can view, download and share a risk and fleet management overview as well as driver training results.

ADT also officially launched DriveSafe 2015, a new study designed to explore if behavioural profiling can be used by businesses and the fleet and insurance sectors to identify whether someone is a high driving risk. Supported by Brake and Allianz, the research will involve more than 20,000 drivers from some of the UK’s leading businesses with the aim of improving driver recruitment and addressing the limitations associated with current driver risk assessment. Meanwhile, ADT’s customer UCB was recognised at Brake’s Fleet Safety Awards 2014, the third year running one of its clients has been recognised by the road safety charity for industry best practise and performance.

Andy Phillips, Director of Applied Driving Techniques commented: “We are certainly seeing a greater number of organisations looking to enhance employee safety and wellbeing, protect corporate reputation and operate a responsible fleet, which helped us achieve record growth during 2014. With this in mind we have been investing heavily to meet this added demand and we have already secured a number a new partnerships that will commence this year. This is expected to double the number of drivers monitored and managed by our risk management offering over the next 12 months.”

Further information:

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