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News story

News story

13 July 2015

Cowin launches unique two-piece Bluetooth speaker

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Cowin Ark with detachable mini 
soundbar and powerful subwoofer
Cowin Ark with detachable mini soundbar and powerful subwoofer

Cowin has launched a two-piece Bluetooth speaker that will bring a new dimension to music, movies and gaming. Cowin Ark combines a detachable mini soundbar and powerful subwoofer base station that work seamlessly together to deliver quality audio across the full acoustic precision range.

Cowin Ark is one of the most advanced and flexible speakers of its kind currently available, making it an ideal solution to fill any room with crystal clear sound and super-enriched bass. The dual parts can be connected into a single speaker unit using unique Magnatec technology or alternatively positioned separately while still working in unison. Therefore, it is not only suitable for a wide range of media devices – televisions, games consoles, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets or computers – but also possesses the adaptability to come together with a rooms individual aesthetics.

The compact and lightweight soundbar includes two speakers and two passive radiators for an advanced audio experience, which can also be used independently as a standalone, portable speaker. With a battery life of up to 8 hours and a range of up to 20 metres, it pairs effectively with any Bluetooth device whether you are at home, travelling or just out and about. Then to wirelessly recharge the lithium battery simply place the speaker on the base unit.

Meanwhile, Cowin Ark has been designed to be simple and intuitive in everything it does. The speaker will remember a mobile media device, so they auto-connect when in range, while an initial pairing can be made with just a tap of a smartphone using a NFC touch and pair feature. The base station also offers wireless charging for compatible devices.

James Feng at Cowin Europe commented: “Ark is an Ideal Bluetooth speaker solution for music, movies and gaming at home or on the move, with a unique design for unmatched levels of integration, flexibility and usability. It can be used whatever the environment, location or requirement, making it possible to achieve high levels of sound quality and adaptive performance, always providing the crystal clear Cowin sound.”

Cowin Ark will be available just £149.99 from www.cowinmusic.com.

Further information:

Jonathan Symons
+44 (0)20 8654 7618