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News story

News story

27 January 2016

Transport Exchange Group launches messaging tool to boost business communications

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Transport Exchange Group operates 
the two largest, busiest and fastest-
growing freight exchanges in the UK
Transport Exchange Group operates the two largest, busiest and fastest- growing freight exchanges in the UK

Transport Exchange Group is launching a messaging solution to improve business communication through its leading freight trading platforms. Freight Messenger will initially be available to all members of Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange, providing a highly-effective chat tool for both internal teams and trading partners that has been designed to reduce administration and streamline operational processes.

Freight Messenger will enable member-to-member communication with key internal and external contacts to simplify the booking and management of both loads and available vehicles. It will include secure, opt-in only chat groups for company colleagues and established partners, along with temporary connections linked to confirmed jobs. The tool will automatically update a dedicated list of contacts based on scheduled and active work, making it is possible to liaise with the right sub-contractors and customers easily, to quickly answer queries or resolve issues.

Members will be able to undertake multiple conversations at any one time, with quick links in each chat box to relevant functionality on the Exchanges. This will include clickable tabs to access a pre-populated booking form and a live fleet view for the locations of a contact’s vehicles. The messenger comes with comprehensive archive functionality for maximum transparency when auditing jobs. An easy to use mobile version will also be available for smartphones and tablets, enabling live messaging when on the move and away from the office.

Simon Bunegar, Transport Exchange Group’s Head of Business Development commented: “Freight Messenger delivers simple, safe and secure business communication across our road transport community. It provides an alternative means of communication to phone or email, enabling members to effectively keep in touch with colleagues and partners. This demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement through ongoing investment in technology and software innovations, providing added functionality and value to our members.”

Further information:

Jonathan Symons
+44 (0)20 8654 7618