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News story

News story

19 September 2016

Best practice seminar on using camera technology to reduce claims costs

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Intelligent Telematics' IT1000 3G 
vehicle camera
Intelligent Telematics’ IT1000 3G vehicle camera

Intelligent Telematics has teamed up with Sopp+Sopp and Collision Management Systems to host a series of events to provide insight into the use of vehicle camera technology to support proactive claims management. Four best-practice seminars, followed by a peer-to-peer discussion, will be held at Sopp + Sopp’s Head Office in Peterborough on 29th September and 6th October, with complementary places available to fleet and insurance professionals.

The seminar will include information on current claims trends as well the opportunities and pitfalls of different camera technology. We will also outline how the three companies have combined to create a comprehensive solution to tackle the key issues of fraud, third-party costs and liability disputes.

“Fleet operators have faced increasing insurance costs in recent years, with the growing culture of fake and dishonest claims, such as cash for crash and exaggerated whiplash injuries, continuing to drive costs up despite less crashes happening,” explains Sam Footer, Head of International Business and Strategic Development at Intelligent Telematics. “This is forcing many fleets to look at new ways to control claim costs by considering camera technology and making their claims process more proactive, so our events will offer useful guidance to fleet and insurance professionals.”

For further details or to book a place visit http://www.claimsseminar.co.uk.


Further information:

Jonathan Symons
+44 (0)20 8654 7618