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News story

News story

18 October 2016

Interphone launches smart building integration whitepaper

How to make the right choices for 
smart building integration
How to make the right choices for smart building integration

The growing number of products and devices being designed and manufactured to work together in a connected way is making the benefits available from complex smart building and home automation considerably greater according to a new industry whitepaper from Interphone. However, the report highlights that these many gains – including increased efficiency, cost savings, comfort, convenience and security – are unlikely to be truly realised without careful advance planning, accurate specification and meticulous installation.

The full implementation scenario can involve the strategic planning and installation of sensors and communication links for a wide range of applications, so it is essential to achieve effective integration of the devices and systems from the outset. Therefore, it is suggested that delivering a successful smart building and home automation solution requires a multi-tiered process involving the operation of the individual components, their integration and interconnection, and the overall security array.

A range of considerations are outlined in the whitepaper to provide some insight to property developers, managing agents and property managers. It is designed to raise awareness of latest developments and generate debate about how best to approach smart building integration now and in the future.

The whitepaper, titled How to make the right choices for smart building integration can be downloaded from the Interphone website here.

Further information:

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