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News story

News story

9 November 2016

Lagan Cement Products bolsters transport operation with advanced vehicle tracking

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Lagan Cement will use Ctrack Online 
to monitor a fleet of 42 HGVs, vans, 
forklift trucks and barges
Lagan Cement will use Ctrack Online to monitor a fleet of 42 HGVs, vans, forklift trucks and barges

Lagan Cement Products has adopted an advanced vehicle tracking solution from Ctrack, an Inseego company, to improve fleet productivity and analyse operational performance. The Northern Ireland-based company will use Ctrack Online to monitor a mixed fleet of 42 HGVs, vans, forklift trucks and barges to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled in timely, efficient and responsible manner.

The Ctrack system will replace a previous telematics solution that was no longer meeting the needs of Lagan Cement Products. Ctrack Online was selected based on its ability to monitor a wide range of resources and operational functions in both real-time and historically. Following a detailed review of the marketplace, the company found that Ctrack was able to provide added functionality and effectively integrate the tracking technology with other business-critical and back-office systems.

A fleet of 35 concrete mixer and crane-equipped trucks will be tracked to optimise productivity and enhance scheduling processes. These vehicles handle more than 150 deliveries a day from seven manufacturing plants located in Greater Belfast. With around half of all orders being made on the day of delivery across a diverse product range – including cement, roof tiles, ready-mixed concrete, blocks and sand – Lagan Cement Products will use Ctrack Online to ensure it has an agile transport operation that provides high levels of service and peace of mind to customers.

Customers will have access to an online portal with complete visibility over all orders and expected delivery times, making it possible to better prepare for their arrival and coordinate all necessary work requirements. Meanwhile, the monitoring of driver working hours will ensure Lagan Cement Products is operating compliantly at all times in line with its legal requirements. The company will also use the Ctrack system to investigate any collisions or driving incidents to determine what occurred as part of its Duty of Care commitment.

Elsewhere, Ctrack Online will be used to monitor a number of forklift trucks, vans and barges within Lagan Cement Products’ operation. In particular, the system will measure and analyse the performance of three barges that extract sand from Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles. They operate all year round, making the company one of the largest sand processors in Ireland.

Paul Adamson, Operations Manager of Lagan Cement Products Ltd commented: “Ctrack Online has already become an essential day-to-day tool that is helping us achieve lean operational practices, while meeting strict customer requirements and keeping them informed at all times. The team at Ctrack has always been on-hand throughout the implementation and ongoing management of the system, using their detailed industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide valuable support to our business.”

John Wisdom, European Managing Director of Ctrack said: “By listening to and working closely with fleet and transport businesses, we can better understand what is required and develop superior vehicle tracking systems that deliver the required cost savings and performance benefits.”

Ctrack Online is a web-based vehicle tracking system providing visibility and control over mobile assets. Designed to be intuitive and simple-to-use, this solution enables businesses to better manage their fleet operation and deliver real benefits by driving down costs, boosting productivity and improving customer service.

Further information:

Jonathan Symons
+44 (0)20 8654 7618