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News story

News story

11 November 2016

Chip & PIN security system offers protection against rising electronic theft

The Ghost Immobiliser can protect 
against key-cloning, vehicle hacking 
and even stolen key theft
The Ghost Immobiliser can protect against key-cloning, vehicle hacking and even stolen key theft

A new “chip and PIN” security system can now protect against criminal gangs who are stealing an increasing number of top-of-the-range vehicles in the UK by hacking on-board computers. The Ghost Immobiliser is the first aftermarket CANbus immobiliser, which prevents thieves using increasingly clever techniques to bypass security devices of high specification cars, 4x4 vehicles and SUVs.

Ghost Immobiliser connects to the CANbus system and communicates with the engine control unit (ECU) to offer added security against key-cloning, vehicle hacking and even stolen key theft. The device uses the existing buttons in the vehicle, such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, so there is no key-fob or LED panel to give away its location. A unique PIN code sequence created using these validated buttons of up to 20 presses in length, needs to be entered before the vehicle can be driven away.

An iPhone application is also available, allowing the driver to start the vehicle without having to enter the PIN code. The pairing enables a single secure authorised connection using a protected code unique to each device and encrypted communication. All that is required is to pair an iPhone with the Ghost Immobiliser, leave the application running in the background and the vehicle can be conveniently driven away. A bluetooth tag is also available as an alternative option to the use of existing buttons or the iPhone app.

“Thieves are finding new ways of stealing expensive vehicles without ever needing to break into them, overcoming factory-fitted security devices by exploiting weaknesses in these electronic systems,” explains Errin McNamee, Director of Intelligent Installations. “Very few of these vehicles are ever recovered and in many cases criminal gangs are breaking them down within hours and shipping them out of the country. The Ghost Immobiliser is a chip and PIN solution which offers a highly effective way of protecting your vehicle.”