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News story

News story

14 September 2017

Paragon enhances routing and scheduling software reporting capabilities to help drivers stick to approved plan

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Mapping images can now be 
embedded into manifest and debrief 
Mapping images can now be embedded into manifest and debrief documents

Logistics operations can avoid plans unravelling when vehicles leave the depot by taking advantage of improved reporting functionality within Paragon’s routing and scheduling software. Mapping images can now be embedded into manifest and debrief documents to provide added guidance and feedback to drivers in an easy-to-understand format. This will help companies better engage with drivers to ensure that planned routes are followed and associated efficiency, performance and service improvements are achieved.

“This is another example of how we listen to our customers, so we can facilitate improvements in their transport operations,” commented Phil Ingham, Support Director of Paragon Software Systems. “By making critical operational data available in a convenient form to the people that can really benefit from using it, these businesses can make the most of their routing and scheduling software and achieve the greatest value.”

Paragon’s customers can access customised reports that deliver meaningful business intelligence and share critical operational data using flexible reporting capabilities embedded in the routing and scheduling software. The latest development means drivers have access to a visual overview of daily work schedules, the sequence of drops and details of planned routes. Debrief documents can also incorporate mapping images that show planned versus actual routes taken, using data taken from an integrated telematics system, so transport managers can discuss any unexpected diversions or discrepancies with the driver.

“We are always looking at ways of helping our customers maximise the efficiency of their transport planning. Earlier this year, we launched Waypoint Mapping, which feeds the Paragon route plan direct to the driver, providing turn by turn guidance through their Sat Nav device. The latest enhancement to our software is part of this same commitment that allows logistics operations to achieve the levels of efficiency, customer service and safety that comes with ensuring actual journeys keep to the transport plan,” concludes Ingham.

Paragon’s enhanced reporting capabilities come as standard in Version 6.0 of its routing and scheduling software. A range of reports are set up and ready to use but the Paragon Support Team is also available to help customers create bespoke reports to ensure they are getting the most from their Paragon routing and scheduling software. All generated documents are available in a printed or electronic format, along with a range of export options.

Further information:

Jonathan Symons
+44 (0)20 8654 7618