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News story

News story

29 November 2017

Downwell Group drives down insurance costs and improves road safety with connected vehicle cameras

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Downwell Group has reduced annual insurance premiums by 20 per cent and experienced a significant drop in accident frequency since adopting a connected vehicle camera solution from Intelligent Telematics. The Grays-based provider of demolition, asbestos removal, scaffolding and other pre-construction services, installed the industry-leading SureCam 3G forwarding-facing device earlier this year across a mixed fleet of more than 50 cars and vans.

Downwell Group has used vehicle tracking for a number of years, primarily as an insurance provision, as well as previously trialling SD-card vehicle cameras. Following discussions with the company’s insurance partner it was able to negotiate an additional premium reduction by adopting a proven 3G camera solution that would show what had actually happened during an accident and help to immediately identify who was at fault.

“Using the SureCam devices, we have access to footage within moments of any incident, so we know exactly what has occurred, how it has happened and can positively identify who is at fault,” explains Steven Padmore, Operations Director of Downwell Group. “Therefore, we can quickly respond to any situations and then pass the necessary information straight to our insurance company and potentially avoid spurious claims.”

All collisions, near miss or harsh driving events are automatically recorded and uploaded to a secure server network, with serious incidents triggering a text or email alert. Downwell Group is then able to view the footage of before, during and after the incident, typically within seconds from an online dashboard. This means the company can quickly organise emergency assistance if required, reschedule vehicles to avoid customer disruption, and arrange any repairs.

Meanwhile, Downwell Group’s insurance partner can use the video evidence to quickly determine any liability. This is helping to significantly reduce the number of 50/50 or disputed claims, while this speed of notification is ensuring genuine claims to be settled swiftly and efficiently. Supporting repairs for anyone not responsible for the incident allows the insurer to reduce claims costs, further reducing premiums.

Downwell Group is also using the connected vehicle camera to analyse driver behaviour and encourage improved driving practices by supporting targeted training, better engaging with drivers and implementing an incentive scheme. Moving forward, this will not only improve safety and ultimately save lives, but also contribute to reduced wear and tear on vehicles, lower fuel consumption and a positive brand perception.

“In addition to the clear insurance benefits, the 3G vehicle cameras are already impacting driver behaviour and helping positively influence the mindset of our workforce when they are out on the road. It is also providing added protection and support to drivers who now know that emergency services can be contacted as soon as an incident has occurred and that the video can be used to validate their version of the story,” concludes Padmore.

Sam Footer, Partnership and Marketing Director at Intelligent Telematics commented: “Our SureCam 3G devices are the leading single and dual camera solutions for vehicle operations, providing increased protection against fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability. As a result, our connected vehicle camera solutions are helping a growing number of SME and blue-chip organisations to operate in a profitable, compliant and socially responsible way.”


Further information:

Jonathan Symons
+44 (0)20 8654 7618