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News story

News story

17 June 2021

VisionTrack supports British Truck Racing Championship with advanced video telematics solution

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The BTRC race trucks competing at Brands Hatch
The BTRC race trucks competing at Brands Hatch

Truck Sport UK has teamed up with VisionTrack to install an advanced video telematics solution on 20 race trucks competing at this year’s British Truck Racing Championship (BTRC). The connected vehicle cameras are assisting with race activity management throughout the eight-round event, as well as providing high-quality footage for broadcast and media opportunities to broaden the appeal of the sport.

Each vehicle has been fitted with a VT3000 forward-facing dashcam with an additional rear-view camera. With 4G connectivity, race officials can now livestream video from each truck to assist with the management of on/off track race compliance, while the internal storage ensures that footage is recorded for any required investigation. The high-definition video is also available during and post-race for livestream broadcasting, media clips and a TV highlights programme.

“The quality of footage captured by the VisionTrack equipment during the first 2021 race event – held at Brands Hatch at the beginning of June – was extremely impressive,” explains Steve Thomas at Truck Sport UK. “It proved to be invaluable to the race officials, while providing a new dimension to our broadcast and promotional activities. We are looking forward to working with VisionTrack throughout the remainder of the race calendar.”

Richard Lane, Commercial Director of VisionTrack commented: “We are delighted to be a partner for this year’s British Truck Racing Championship. By supplying and managing the video telematics solution for this year’s event, we are helping Truck Sport UK maintain the highest levels of race safety, while providing action-packed content that will attract new fans to this exciting motorsport.”

Further information:

Jonathan Symons
+44 (0)20 8654 7618